CryptoVPN GUI - is a cross-platform replacement for an ordinary OpenVPN GUI with a bunch of improvements under the hood. Many long-awaited OpenVPN GUI's features has been implemented in recent builds. Most noticeable outlines are:
  • Cross-platform (Windows, MaxOS X, Linux)
  • Full Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 support. No more "Run as Administrator" workarounds
  • Automatic Updates
  • Per connection password storage
  • Correct DNS settings on Windows platform. No more ISP DNS leaks
  • Support for connection profiles from OpenVPN GUI
  • Disabling Internet if VPN connection has been dropped
  • More to come
Windows Download CryptoVPN GUI 2.7
2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
MacOS X Download CryptoVPN GUI 2.7
MacOS X (10.5+)
Linux Download CryptoVPN GUI 2.7
i386 x64


CryptoVPN GUI 2.7 - 6 Mar 2013
- New server list layout
- Added connection protocol switcher

CryptoVPN GUI 1.0rc1 for Android - 17 Feb 2013
- First public release

CryptoVPN GUI 2.6 - 6 Feb 2013
- Initial Windows 8 support
MacOS X:
- Lots of improvements for MacOS X

CryptoVPN GUI 2.5 - 12 Nov 2012
- Improved Internet blocking
MacOS X:
- OpenVPN kext autload on boot
- Improved Unity support on recent Ubuntu versions
- OpenVPN policy handling via PolKit

CryptoVPN GUI 2.2 - 24 Dec 2011
- Full support for Linux builds
- Fixed loading of third-party openvpn configs.

CryptoVPN GUI 2.1 - 25 Oct 2011
- New GUI
- Many bugfixes
- Unity support for Linux builds

CryptoVPN GUI 1.4 - 29 Mar 2011
- Minor bugfixes

CryptoVPN GUI 1.3 - 1 Mar 2011
- New Feature (win): Disabling Internet if VPN connection has been dropped
- Windows 7 update fix

CryptoVPN GUI 1.2 - 15 Feb 2011
- Native DoubleVPN support
- Privilege escalation via native API for MacOS X

CryptoVPN GUI 1.1 - 26 Jan 2011
- Automatic reconnect
- Autostart for MacOS X

CryptoVPN GUI 1.0 - 21 Jan 2011
- Connection statistics has been added
- Config loading from Program Files\OpenVPN\config\

CryptoVPN GUI 0.5 - 5 Jan 2011
- Initial release
- Windows, MacOS X, Linux Support

Latest news

Please download and reinstall CryptoVPN GUI if you have any problems with automatic config files update.

Information regarding OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed): Our servers run proprietary kernel space OpenVPN protocol implementation and are not affected by the mentioned vulnerability and does not use OpenSSL library. Nevertheless we decided to update the connection certificates as precaution measure. If you have any problems with service please update the config files or contact support for further instructions.

Внимание! Всем пользователям необходимо обновить конфигурационные файлы для openvpn. Обновление CryptoVPN GUI запланировано на 23.03.2014.

PerfectMoney deposit option has been added.

New servers: LT1 (Lithuania), AT1 (Austria), DK1 (Denmark), SE1 (Sweden).

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