CryptoVPN GUI installation. Ubuntu Linux.

Please, check video below.

Installation is pretty simple.

What you have to do:

  • Download cryptovpn gui binary file from
  • Make binary executable(right click on file and switch Allow file to be executable)
  • Make sure you have openvpn installed (or install it if not by using in command line: sudo apt-get install openvpn -y)
  • Start CryptoVPN GUI
  • (optional) switch udp to tcp for more efficiency
  • (optional) set DNS servers in your internet connection settings to (watch manual below)


Just delete cryptovpn gui binary file you downloaded. For removing all configuration files use this command in terminal:

rm -rf ~/.config/CryptoVPN ~/.local/share/CryptoVPN


Lithuania VPN

Dec 9 2018

Goodday everyone!

VPN server in Lithuania has been restored.

Singapore VPN

Nov 30 2018

Hello, sirs!

VPN server in Republic of Singapore has been restored.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

News update

Nov 28 2018

Hello, sirs!

Small news update.

Romania and Norway servers has been restored.

We have a delay with restoring US server and setting up new servers in Czech...

Romania and Slovakia VPN

Nov 23 2018

Hello, everyone!

Romania and Slovakia VPN servers has been restored.

Dedicated VPN servers

Nov 13 2018

VPN for personal use

We have an oportunity to provide Personal VPN servers for our customers. In the country you want, with server configuration you want, download...

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