CryptoVPN GUI installation on MacOS

Installation process is pretty simple. Please, watch the video below.

Connecting to VPN

In this video we connecting to single VPN server via CryptoVPN GUI Software.


In this video we connecting via doubleVPN. Connection goes in to first server and out from second server.

If connection log is empty

Sometimes openvpn freezing when connection failed for some reason(like powering up your mac from sleeping mode). In this case you simply need to kill openvpn. Please, watch this video-explanation.

How to uninstall CryptoVPN GUI for MacOS

Just delete CryptoVPN app from your Applications folder.


Issues with CryptoVPN GUI for Linux

Oct 9 2018

Good afternoon.

Some users complain about issues with CryptoVPN GUI client working on Linux systems.

Problems caused global system change on newest Ubuntu operating...

Website update

May 16 2018

Finally, we decided to update cryptovpn website.

We will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions on the new version through the ticket system.


Global update

Nov 1 2017

An update is being made. Possible short-time interruptions in the service. We apologize in advance.

Configs update

Aug 22 2017

Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands - updated. Please, download new config files. If you are using cryptovpn gui software you should receive auto-update notification...

CryptoVPN GUI Update issues

Jun 6 2016

Please, download and reinstall CryptoVPN GUI if you have any issues with autoupdate.

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